Puffy swirly mounds of cotton candy
Gently moving through the sky
Random shapes of no particular definition
Often beautiful to behold
One of natures wondrous creations
No two of which are ever the same
Happy in a blue sky
Floating gently miles above
Silently wafting with no urgency
Carried only by natures soft breath
To a place where nobody knows
Only for another to take its place.


Anti Homeless Spikes

Anti Homeless Spikes

An example of the spikes in a doorway.

Over the past few days some absolutely horrifying images such as the one above have been creeping up on social media. Upon seeing these images it started me thinking…what on Earth is our world coming to?

Please just take a moment to fully consider what these dreadful tools are used for. To my mind if a person is homeless then they must surely be at life’s lowest ebb, so just imagine how they must feel to encounter these terrible things when all they want is somewhere with a little shelter to try and spend the night.

I cannot comprehend how someone could deny this most simple of needs from another human being. How selfish can man be?


Planet Earth

Planet Earth.

Planet Earth in all its raw natural beauty.

Although sometimes it may not seem it, the planet which we call home truly is a remarkable place. From the tiniest ant to the largest whale there are so many wonders to behold. To think of how this perfect storm came together at the dawn of our planet indeed could blow someone’s mind. How fortunate we are that our rotating globe is just the perfect distance from our own source of central heating that is the Sun. Just a few miles in either direction and life as we know it would not exist.

It therefore mystifies me just how we as humans can treat our world and our fellow man so badly. Wars over religion, political differences, terrorism, race and hate crimes to name but a few. Thats not to mention hunting and killing defenceless animals simply for sport or as a trophy. Now whatever your personal stance on pollution there is certainly no denying that things here are changing and not always for the better. It seems to be man’s nature to destroy even the most beautiful of things.

Is it too late to change? I personally don’t think so, but Earth’s clock is ticking and if that clock should one day stop…well, who knows?