A Poem I wrote on behalf of my Mother

To express through words what you meant to us

is hard through these stinging tears,

You were so much more than just a Dad to us

so now you’re gone its hard to bear,

The Angels came to hold your hand

and guide you on your way

To be with Mum who we miss as well,

we wish you both could stay.

Your suffering is over now,

for that small mercy we should be glad,

The gap you’ve left inside our hearts

just really hurts so bad,

So we send our love and ask the Angels to

keep a special eye on you,

And give us the inner strength we’ll need

to help us make it through,

So sleep now Dad rest your weary soul

now your pain has been released,

Just know we’ll always love you Dad

so now please rest in peace x.


Planet Earth A Short Poem

Planet Earth


This beautiful blue and green planet as observed through the darkness of space

Spinning on its axis with a beautiful grace

How blessed with fortune are we as a race

To live on this Orb, such a wonderful place?



Puffy swirly mounds of cotton candy
Gently moving through the sky
Random shapes of no particular definition
Often beautiful to behold
One of natures wondrous creations
No two of which are ever the same
Happy in a blue sky
Floating gently miles above
Silently wafting with no urgency
Carried only by natures soft breath
To a place where nobody knows
Only for another to take its place.

Why procrastinate?

Procrastinate – Verb – to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring:know I’ve got to deal with the problem at some point – I’m just procrastinating.

Above is the definition of something that I have long been guilty of, procrastination.

Chores, shopping, gardening even writing (which I enjoy) have all been on my procrastination list.  

Also writing my own Blog has been on my dreaded list. Up until now.

So what’s changed?

Simple…my mindset. Life waits for no-one.

I have long dreamed of having a blog, somewhere to write down the things on my mind, a place to let others read (and hopefully enjoy) my poetry.  I could leave it no longer, I am determined to turn this dream into a reality. 

Each and every new follower of my blog is helping me to achieve this dream and to every one of you fantastic people I would just like to extend a truly heartfelt thank you.  Please do feel free to also leave comments.

So my message is don’t delay, don’t be guilty of procrastination.

One life, live it.




A Poem about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Check check check

wash wash wash

check check check and then,

Wash wash wash

check check check

wash wash wash again,

OCD many may know

as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

Forces people who suffer from it

to do things in a certain order,

Pressure builds up inside your head

and causes anxiety,

Alone with your thoughts its almost like

you’re an outcast from society,

Seeing things through until the end

is driven by a compulsion,

Dark black thoughts inside your head

that cause you some revulsion,

Rituals you have to complete

with seemingly no end,

Making people so crazy that

it can send them around the bend,

A small insight lies here within

to this poets OCD,

I need to end this torture

so can’t you please just let me be??


Darkness of the night – A Poem

Darkness of the night


A dark black sheet that emits no light

With no trace of glow to aid ones sight

An eerie tenebrosity, a foreboding gloom

A constant shadow covering the room

No point of light, no candle’s glow

No beam of moonlight which might help show

Something, anything, but instead you’re blind

For darkness covers anything to find

Like a shroud shadowing everything it can hide

Or a blackened veil on a corpsed bride

Like an evil spectre giving you a fright

The mind plays tricks in the Darkness of the night.



Life in a poem



Starts off easy with no care in the world,

Feed after feed, sleep after sleep,

Toddling begins so you give that a whirl,

Fall after fall, weep after weep,

School begins there are tears at the gate,

Cry after cry, tear after tear,

On come the teens but not everything’s great,

Crush after crush, fear after fear,

Then the exams and their ache on your brain,

Equation after equation, overview after overview,

The hunt for a job is an emotional drain,

Advert after advert, Interview after interview,

Working full-time is a strain and a stress,

Minute after minute, hour after hour,

Next find a partner with whom love you can bless,

Kiss after kiss, flower after flower,

Life’s incomplete so it’s house, car then kids,

Nappy after nappy, worry after worry,

They grow up, leave home “Thanks for all that you did!”

Love after love, money after money,

An uphill struggle day after day,

Trial after trial, headache after headache,

Worries that never seem to go away,

Mile after mile, mistake after mistake,

Money, taxes, bills the list just goes on,

Need after need, demand after demand,

Never enough time to get important things done,

Time after time, plan after plan,

Then it’s mid-life with its middle age spread,

At the end of it all you just end up dead.